What is ERAP?

The Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) helps income-eligible residents facing housing emergencies. The program provides funding for overdue rent if a qualified household is facing eviction (including late costs and court fees). The program also supports security deposits and first month’s rent for residents moving to new apartments.

The amount paid on behalf of eligible households depends on a household’s income and available resources and is subject to certain limitations. ERAP payments can only be used once per year for each eligible household.

What is ERAP Help?

This application was designed by MTC Software to be used by local agencies to allow the public to register for appointments to receive ERAP funds. If you're part of such an agency, you know how difficult it can be setting up appointments for people requesting help. Your phone lines can be swamped for days just trying to get appointments made. The ERAP Help site was built to allow people to set up their own appointments relieving your staff from being glued to the phone. It is a very customizable application that gives you the ability to design registration periods that meet your staffing situations. You simply set up a template for a given week of appointments, then set the start and end dates for when you'll be taking appointments.

Have a custom situation? MTC Software will custom-design modules to your specifications. Contact MTC Software to see how your agency might benefit.

Current ERAP Help Customers:

Coastal Community Action Program (CCAP)

Community Action Council of Lewis, Mason, & Thurston (CACLMT)